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How to Crypto: Guide to BitcoinTalk for ICOs


Uploaded by Coin News Cointelegraph launches a series of guides to different useful tools for the crypto community.Newbies, experienced adherents and even gurus could find something interesting to upgrade their mastering of the subject.Life hacks from experts, pioneers, trailblazers, those who went through the mills of different crypto experiences themselves- firsthand and as simply put as possible.Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) markets are ones of the fastest changing in the world.As soon as the ICO-phenomenon started to gather serious traction at the beginning of 2017, every noticeable cryptocurrency blogger and media mentioned BitcoinTalk as one of the key success components, often referring to it as a source of the most desirable and target audience for any ICO project out there.All ICOs make announcement posts (ANN-posts) about themselves and majority of them launch their bounty campaigns on BitcoinTalk, while all trustworthy ICO listings require hyperlinks to ANN-posts when onboarding the projects.Thus, it can be said that at the moment, BitcoinTalk is a mandatory de-facto standard for any project doing or planning to do an Initial Coin Offering.The following guide to BitcoinTalk is based on thorough research on the subject, available information gathered and practical experience.An exclusive collection of knowledge was tested along the story of a startup, which launched its ANN and bounty campaign posts on BitcoinTalk on Monday, Oct.2.For the full first two weeks of the ICO campaign, no other user acquisition activities were made besides BitcoinTalk in order to receive a full understanding of how the platform worked and how it could help grow the project.Modern BitcoinTalk is the largest and one of the oldest message boards dedicated to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the Internet.It was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 22, 2009, and is a direct successor to his first SourceForge forum, which is now lost.Initially, BitcoinTalk was a forum where people interested in technical details and everything connected to Bitcoin software could communicate with each other.Now it hosts a lot of different sections covering all the major areas of cryptocurrency world, including one made specifically for ICOs.Thanks to its huge user base (more than 464,000 community members) BitcoinTalk soon became a valuable traffic source for everything connected to cryptocurrency.ANN-post and everything connected with it In order to be able to publish announcements and bounty posts, you need to have an account on the forum, but if you plan to do a beautiful “branded” post with images, your account should be at least in a rank of Jr.Member, which means having at least 30 activity points.In order to get that, you need to participate in forum’s life – communicate with other people in various forum threads.BitcoinTalk assigns points using the following scheme: One publication or comment = one activity point, but as soon as you reach 14 points, your score stops growing show more


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