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hazrat umer faruq ki fazeelat maulana tariq jameel bayan


Uploaded by Islahi Biyan maulana tariq jameel
Maulana tariq jameel very nice speech of world.
Maulana Tariq Jameel was born on 1 January 1953. Molana Tariq Jameel is one of the best islamic scholar in the world. Mualana Tariq Jamil bayan are very popular in Muslim and non Muslim community all over the world.
Tariq Jameel sab recived his islamic education from Raiwind near Lahore. Molana Tariq Jameel always gives lectures to creat unity among Muslim Ummah. Tairq Jameel is one of the islamic scholar who is popular in all sects.
I always get motivated by listing Tairq Jameel sab bayans. Thousands of people get right path after listing molana tariq jameel bayans. Our main mission is to spread tariq jameel bayans so people listen them and know the true path of Islam. We never use any copyrighted material but any body found something wrong please tell us on youtube via Message. You should subscribe us to stay in touch with the latest bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel.

and many other Scholars of different sects are all respectable please give them respect don't make fun of them. If you are not agree with one's argument don't follow that particular topic try to get other benefits from that scholar. Why hate him. let him work for Islam and be a part of his aim to spread Islam. we just need to preach Islam not sects. Thanks
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