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ILIFE V7S vs Xiaomi Robot Vacuum: Cleaning and Navigation Test on Bare Floor


Uploaded by Cordless Vacuum Guide Comparing the ILIFE V7S and MI robot vacuum cleaning 70 grams of baby powder and rolled oats on bare floor.

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The MI robot vacuum was able to pick up around 68 out of the 70 grams of rolled oats and powder while the V7S did 65 out of the 70 grams (give or take a gram or so) which is pretty impressive given the power difference (400Pa vs 1,800Pa) but it took around 7 minutes longer to complete the task.

My observations: I'm pretty excited with the results of the firmware update as you can see in the video it had a more thorough navigation pattern as it went through the perimeter and inner portion of the room twice! The result is more thorough cleaning but it left powder residue but not as much as before.

Disclaimer: I got this product in exchange for a free review and I'll do my best to only publish objective reviews that show the strengths and weaknesses of each product based on the myriad of tests I do.

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